The Linden Neighborhood

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The first batch of the highly anticipated Linden homes have been released.  Lets face it, its been a long time coming and many have flocked to claim theirs free homes that come with a premium membership to Second Life (including myself) 
You have two choices now, the regular homes which have a ton of options and styles to choose from as well as new houseboats. 
If you havent gotten yours, dont worry, Linden Labs is getting the next batch available for you to move into! 
Read more about it here on the official Second Life website!

Hat - flow . Aka Beanie NEW @ Man Cave
Visit Flow @ Man Cave

Headphones - VUK. Headphones - NEW AT Equal 10
Visit Vuk @ Equal 10

Tape - ExalteD - Tyler Tape NEW @ Man Cave
Visit ExalteD @ Man Cave

Water Bottle - Mug - Runners Life - #4 Black Water Bottle
Visit Mug

Pants - GUTCHI - Military Joggers 2nd Edition NEW @ Access Event
Visit Gutchi @ Access Event

Sneakers - FLI. - Flimax 95 Laser Navy NEW @ Access Event
Visit Fli @ Access Event

Puppy - [Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Animesh Companion RARE
Visit Rezz Room

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