The Linden Neighborhood

The first batch of the highly anticipated Linden homes have been released.  Lets face it, its been a long time coming and many have flocked to claim theirs free homes that come with a premium membership to Second Life (including myself) 
You have two choices now, the regular homes which have a ton of options and styles to choose from as well as new houseboats. 
If you havent gotten yours, dont worry, Linden Labs is getting the next batch available for you to move into! 
Read more about it here on the official Second Life website!

Hat - flow . Aka Beanie NEW @ Man Cave
Visit Flow @ Man Cave

Headphones - VUK. Headphones - NEW AT Equal 10
Visit Vuk @ Equal 10

Tape - ExalteD - Tyler Tape NEW @ Man Cave
Visit ExalteD @ Man Cave

Water Bottle - Mug - Runners Life - #4 Black Water Bottle
Visit Mug

Pants - GUTCHI - Military Joggers 2nd Edition NEW @ Access Event
Visit Gutchi @ Access Event

Sneakers - FLI. - Flimax 95 Laser Navy NEW @ Access Event
Visit Fli @ Access Event

Puppy - [Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Animesh Companion RARE
Visit Rezz Room

Relax, Refresh, Renew

Shorts -  Nero - Marvis Bermuda - Gianni - White  

Sneakers - EQUAL - Lee Sneakers NEW @ ACCESS Event

Pose -  WRONG. Chair for One. Gold / Black with bento Sit Static Male Poses - 61


Shepherd Puppy - JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 15. Toy Destroyer

Whats New at ACCESS Event?

Decor - [ Focus Poses ] Don't Be Upsetti Eat Some Spaghetti Includes Spaghetti, Fork, Wine, Wine Glasses and  Breadsticks,  Table & Chairs


Dalmatian - Mutresse-Beggar-Dalmatian Puppies
Previous Arcade Item

Hair - Modulus - Rob Hair - NEW @ ACCESS EVENT

Facial Hair - Volkstone Simon Facial Hair & Mesh Beard -  NEW @ ACCESS EVENT

Jacket - AITUI - Landslide Jacket - NEW @ ACCESS EVENT


CB - Red Hull Energy Drink NEW @ EQUAL 10

Hair - Modulus - Wick Hair NEW @ EQUAL 10 

Shorts - [LOB] ROUND1 SHORTS new @ EQUAL 10

Pose - WRONG - BENTO SIT Static Male Poses -82 NEW @ ACCESS Event

Punching bag not included 

Modern Retreat

House - CONVAIR Walden Retreat -  NEW at Fameshed Until April 27.   
The package includes a mesh landscaped base with terrain, rocks and trees. it can be integrated into the parcel terrain to create a small rise for which the cabin to sit on.

The build land impact total is a low 80 with the cabin 21 and the base 59. The footprint of the cabin is 6m x 12m and the base is 20m x 20m. A wood stove is included with the package and a package of interior furnishings will be included with purchases made at Fameshed. The package will be sold separately after the event. Two versions of the cabin are included- one crisp warm natural materials and the second a muted weathered version. 

Back Of My Mind

Hat - //Ascend// Josh Baseball Cap (Flipped)

Tank top - Legal Insanity - Rocky tank NEW @ Fameshed

Sweats - Legal Insanity - Military sweats NEW @ Fameshed

Pose - WRONG - BENTO Static Male Poses -80 NEW @ ACE Event

7 Seven Emporium - Jesus Loves You License Plate 
7 Seven Emporium Lets Get Physical Neon BLUE - Solid
7 - Sin Cross ULTRA RARE (copy)
7 - Pizza King
7 - Heater RH-99701.A1

* SORGO - Wireless Headphones
* SORGO - N* PaperBalls

NOMAD // Vintage Gym RARE
NOMAD // Kettlebells

Yes Boss

Hair - Modulus - Sergei Hair
                                                                       Visit Modulus

Beard - Custom by my brother ᴍɪsᴛᴇʀ ʀᴀᴢᴢᴏʀ

Suit - [Deadwool] Hart jacket & Pants (flannel)

Available in 18 single colors. Trousers included in 2 lengths (no break/slight break) and belt in 2 colors (on/off option), shirt add-on (10 colors, 25 ties, 18 handkerchiefs and pin in 4 metals) 3 tone packs (Pale/ Medium / Dark)
*Fat-pack includes 2 exclusive colors* Both tone packs and Fat-pack include extra colors for the following: 2 shirts, 4 belts, 2 handkerchiefs, 5 ties)

Like Lust


Hoodie - TonkTastic - Zip Hoodie New @ TMD 
Features built in "hand in pockets animations" (triggered via hud or auto timer), hoodie up & down, 
Shirt Add Ons are available - works with all your previous Tonktastic/Hermony Shirt Appliers.

Pose - Wrong #68 Cigarette included

Jeans - <Kalback> Basic Jeans NEW @TMD 

My Mind

Hair - Modulus - Potter Hair NEW @ World of Magic Event 
 Feat; 100% alpha hair 'next gen' mesh 5 Color HUDs options + integrated tinting HUDs Or the fat pack with all 40 colors


Tank - ExalteD - Dixon Tank - NEW  @ Access Event

Pants - flow . XXXL Pants Fatpack - NEW @ Dubai Event 

Shoes - FLI. - 7s Cardinal 

Pose  -  The Owl - Static Male Poses - 70 NEW @ Men Only Monthly


Modulus - Mike Hair @ Equal10 Mike
 feat; 100% alpha hair 'next gen' mesh 5 Color HUDs options + integrated tinting HUDs Or the fatpack with all 40 colors

 Jacket - Legal Insanity - Carl Jacket NEW at Equal 10 

Jeans - Legal Insanity - Legal Insanity - Chase studded jeans

Pose - Wrong - 


    Hair - Modulus - Rory Hair NEW Belle Events Featuring 5 Color HUDs options + integrated tinting HUDs Or the fatpack with all 40 colors

 Over the Shoulder Tank Top - flow - 

 Tattoo - Letis Tattoo - Wolf 

Pants - not so bad . TIAGO jeans NEW At TMD

Sympathy For The Devil

Hair - Modulus - Troy Hair NEW @ TMD 
Troy feat; 100% alpha hair 'next gen' mesh 5 Color HUDs options + integrated tinting HUDs Or the fatpack with all 40 colors!

Suit - [Deadwool] Hart jacket - Gianni -

Pose  - Vanity Poses COMING SOON